Samsung HW-H550 Soundbar of the Year

Sit down and enjoy the show
Do you ever find your self on the edge of your couch as you watch television? Its really possible that you actually cannot hear the ity bity internal audio system your personal television set has? If this is the situation, you are seriously going to need the samsung HW-H550 soundbar system to help you listen your Televesion’s videos and video games exactly how they were meant to. You can visit for more in-depth details.The HW-H550 soundbar throws wave after wave of sound in the room creating the greatest music experience. In addition it comes with a bluetooth enabled bass speaker which tops off the surroundsound with thunderous bass. The only good reason to stay on the edge of your chair should be a anxious scene in the movie.
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Numerous setup options offers you complete sound control
The sleek HW-H550 can rest upon your TV stand or simply be installed on your wall. You can actually place the sub woofer just about anyplace. The subwoofer syncs wirelessly using the sound-bar, and that means you do not have to run lengthy cables to enjoy deep bass that TV speakers can’t give you. Strong bass means those action movies will burst with life within your family room. Are you gonna be concerned about waking up the children, wife, or neighbors in the course of an action filled movie scene? Fear not as being the integrated Smart Volume control will help reduce jumps in sound. Say good bye to extra irritating noisy commercials, and then let the gun battles in the dvd no longer be an issue.

Bluetooth enabled features mean more than just music
Sync the sound-bar to your smartphone and play music directly from it. It is a breeze to connect the bluetooth sound-bar to your mobile phone. The full range vibrant audio will fill the room straight from your mobile phone. This great sound bar is so magnificent you can even turn it on with your mobile phone. If you have a Bluetooth-compatible Samsung Television, you can link up the HW-H550 to it wirelessly, giving you a lot more setup flexibility. That’s a lot more Bluetooth functionality than we were familiar with seeing in sound bars or most other home audio devices. Dont forget to visit samsung soundbar with optical input for more in-depth details.
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A USB dock, also
The HW-H550 includes yet another nice function not available on quite a few sound bars: a USB dock. You can load up a flash drive with all your favorite electronic songs, put it drive in the rear panel dock, and leave it there, to make sure you always have music cued up and all set to play. It does not actually make a difference if your sound bar is wall mounted, you’ve still got complete use of the USB slot. The Samsung sound bar, contains an adapter and a wire allowing you to easy access the port even if its hung to the wall.

It does not get any better than this It may not be a very high end bar like the $1500 Paradigm sound bar, but it really is best in class for the price range. The HW-H550 really delivers serious surroundsound to the table as compared to other soundbars within the price range. If you have the spending budget, picking the Paradigm sound-bar might be the best choice. Then again, the HW-H550 offers great surround sound for a small fraction of the price that the Paradigm offers.